Monday, November 7, 2016

Biodiversity Photography Competition Winners

The winner of the parents category was Sara and Elena O' Sullivan's dad John O' Sullivan.

The over all winner of the whole school was Natalia Klimoszewska in Ms. O' Brien/ Mr Foleys 3rd class.Amazing Work !!!!

5th +6th class(  Ms. Nic Gearailt ) Kumagal Mustafa,
3rd + 4th ( Mr. Walsh) Zara Ghori
1st + 2nd ( Mr. Kirby ) Adam Browne
Junior + Senior Infants ( Ms. Downing ) Jude Mc Carthy

Runner Ups :
Junior Infants ( Mr. Moylan's Class) Muhammad Ibrahim Naseer
1st class ( Ms. Walsh ) Seán Tupper
3rd class ( Ms. Nesdale ) Emilis Matijofius
5th Class ( Ms. Casey) Tara Swanton

Congratulations to all the deserving winners .
Ms. Downing 

Winners and Runner-Ups!

Biodiversity means all plant and animal life!

You are welcome to view the entries in the main building outside rooms 6 and 8 downstairs.

Winners won trophies and runner ups won a set of Pentel colouring pencils!